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Marion Weinzweig’s book is not just a revelation but a monument to Marion’s skills of research and investigation of her stolen, robbed, murdered past. She is the only one I know, after all my research, who was actually born in a Nazi Occupied Ghetto and was saved and lived in the occupied zones all of her actual childhood from birth to liberation from a Displaced Persons’ camp. ‘Children Survivors’ are considered ‘ALL’ those who were born after the Nazi rise to power in 1933 and were 17 before the war ended in 1945. Marion actually was born and spent her childhood from January 1941 to May 1945 under the Nazi terror. Her recent book of May 2016, recounts all the facts from those who personally knew her birth and childhood, in fact, most of whom she discovered after the year 2000 through countless trips to Poland with detectives and researchers that she found and paid for to help her. Her book will become a classic of Holocaust literature.”


---  Reverend Albrecht and Ulrike Lohrbacher, Weinheim, Germany. Albrecht Lohrbacher is author of What Christians Can Learn From Judaism (2005, Publisher Herder, Freiburg, in German), The Schoa (2006, Publisher Herder, Freiburg, in German), Schwetzingen Jews (Published by Municipality of Schwetzingen, in English, and by Howard Ohlhausen of Unelko Coproration, in the US). 


Albrecht Lohrbacher was Superintendant of Public Schools in Baden Wurttemburg, Germany and supervised 150 teachers of religion for 30 years. He is responsible for a 30 year sister-city relationship with Ramat Gan, Israel that he created, and he has dedicated himself to fighting anti-Semitism in Germany and around the world. His best friends are Ministers and Rabbis. He rehabilitated the Hemsbach Synagogue in 1987. His wife Ulrike speaks and teaches Hebrew in Germany.

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